Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Education is at the core of the IGCS mission. We are pleased to offer different opportunities to support our educational activities. They include:

  • Plenary Sessions – Presidential, Late-Breaking, Top-Received Abstracts
  • Master Sessions – Ovarian Cancer, Cervix Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Vulvar Cancer
  • Surgical Sessions – State of the art surgical techniques presented by thought leaders
  • Debates & Tumour Boards

Support of any of these important educational activities will include:

  • Hands off support, no influence over any scientific/education content
  • Support will be acknowledged in a designated section of the Program and Meeting website

Clinical Symposia are excellent opportunities to convene and present the latest data and science to practicing clinicians. We encourage you to assemble relevant stakeholders and key opinion leaders to discuss the most contemporary evidence-based treatment approaches for gynecologic malignancies. There are two options available for delivery of the symposia and we will work with you on the best format.

Options include:

  • On Demand – A 60-minute, pre-recorded session and will be available for viewing via the on-demand viewing platform at a pre-determined scheduled time by the IGCS staff. The symposia will remain available for participants to watch on-demand via the virtual platform for 90 days post congress.
  • Live in NYC –. A 90-minute, highly interactive, lunchtime symposia. The event will be held live with speakers at Javits, recorded and available on-demand viewing via the IGCS platform. Standard audio- visual along with room set is included.

Satellite Session Dates & Times

Three (3) ninety-minute slots are available at each listed time and will be assigned based on availability.

Thursday, September 29 11:30 am ET (New York City, USA)
Friday, September 30 12:15 pm ET (New York City, USA)
Saturday, October 1 11:15 am ET (New York City, USA)


Companies have the opportunities to host a 30-minute session where device companies can show a video or present a mini lecture on current technology in gynecologic oncology.

Please note that it is the Exhibitors’ and/or Supporters’ responsibility to comply with the local authority’s regulations, including, without limitation, IFPMA, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations Code of Practice on the promotion of medicines (, as well as FDA restrictions on the promotion of investigational and preapproved drugs and devices and the FDA prohibition on promoting approved drugs and devices for unapproved uses. Any product not FDA-approved for a particular use or not commercially available in the U.S. may be exhibited only if accompanied by easily visible signs indicating the status of the product.

Failure to comply with these regulations may not be used as a ground to declare the contract void. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations will not expose the Organizer to any suits, demands by the Exhibitor/Supporter or any other third party.

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